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2007 0302 griffdotrhino

2007 0302 griffdotrhino

Dot-to-Dot Rhinoceros
washable marker on paper
March 1, 2007

This picture started out as a portrait of Mommy (yellow) and Griffin (green), each of whom had a head, neck/esophagus, and stomach. The stomachs were colored in, followed by the head, and then two purple figures were added and all were connected. At this point Griffin decided that they represented internal organs. He wrote his name and drew a network of dots around these images, then connected them, creating what he describes as a rhinoceros. The upper yellow circle is the rhino's "blood cells fighting" (white blood cells). The lower yellow circle is its penis. The upper green circle is its brain and the lower green circle is, I believe, its stomach. The remaining circles and lines are other organs and bones. Connecting parts of a drawing is a recurring theme in Griff's work. While he rarely creates representational drawings, he often creates networks of connected lines, and also enjoys drawing on junk mail to fill in and connect printed pictures and text.

This drawing is highly representative of Griff's typical work, which tends to be more the result of a meandering process of development, rather than a plan to draw a specific image, put into execution.