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2007 0304 checklist

2007 0304 checklist

Contract / Checklist
washable marker on paper
March 4, 2007

This began as Griff's and my documentation of a deal. He had a small amount of food at dinnertime and then said he was not going to eat any more. Fearing a bedtime hunger announcement (common recently), I explained that now was the time for eating, and that bedtime would follow, and that the next opportunity for food would be breakfast in the morning. He agreed to this and we wrote "food in the morning" to serve as a reminder. He took dictation and did some sounding out of words such as "food". After this, he started to use the sheet of paper as a checklist, calling it his "chart" for keeping track of what people are doing. Do we have four people here? Check. Is everybody sitting? Check. Is Daddy done eating? Check. Is Mommy done eating? X (not done). He checked off activities, belongings, and bedtime routine items. I was really impressed that he understood what a chart is and how to use it to collect information, even having a system to indicate yes (check) or no (X).