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2007 0211 signature

2007 0211 signature

handwriting samples
ball point pen on paper
February 11, 2007

Griff and I were writing thank-you notes to his classmates in mid-February and after he signed the first half-dozen, I had them spread out in front of me and suddenly realized, he has a distinctive signature! When he writes his name, he does it in a similar way every time, making it uniquely *his* signature, so that if a dozen kids wrote his name, you'd know which one he wrote. Here are the first three, side-by-side.

He consistently starts out small and gets larger, resulting in a wedge shape. He recently started dotting the letter I. During the course of his note signing, the dots got larger and larger and took longer and longer to fill in, until I suggested he *not* fill them in, after which he had little bubble-dotted I-s. He has since stopped dotting them again, but his signature retains the same shape, and each letter is fairly consistent.