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2007 0119 006

2007 0119 006

The Bumpy Castle
bath crayon on tub wall
January 19, 2007

The tall structure on the right is a "bumpy castle" possessing two red windows and a red door. The cliff upon which it stands descends into a mountain range that stretches to the left. Two bridges span mountain passes, each supported by an "important log" in the middle to make them less wobbly. Below the castle is a horse with a green stomach, standing to the left of a river, which has an additional log-supported bridge. Surrounding the horse are other, smaller horses and guns. The small items might also be "mean green creatures" who are taunting the large horse, "horse, horse, horse, horse, go in your head." Later the mean green creatures tethered the horse - each holding one rope tied to the horse.