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2008 0621 1pig

2008 0621 1pig

pig for Dad
sharpie and crayon on paper
June 21, 2008

Griff has rediscovered an Usborne book with step-by-step drawing instructions, a la Ed Emberly. I'm not a huge fan of "how to" drawing books and would rather a kid draw from imagination rather than copy a model, but Griff enjoys reading and interpreting written instructions of any kind (copying a picture of a Lego creation, creating K'nex structures, etc) and the book appeals to him for that reason. He had previously gotten very frustrated with it and we put it back on the shelf for a while, but while friends were visiting for dinner, he suddenly disappeared to do "office work" and reappeared a long time later with this pig. This is a pretty big milestone for him and we were all very impressed! The pig was gifted to Dan.