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relentless idealist, perpetual dabbler, and slightly-crazed mother of three


Oh, how I loathe writing biographies, yet I loathe a blank profile even more.

Who am I? I'm a girl who grew up surrounded by idealism and nature, but who somehow ended up in the suburbs for years before deciding to live the life I love and moving into an old neighborhood in Richmond's Near West End. A friend described me as a seeker of truth and knowledge, and another told me that she thinks of me as someone whose motto would be Socrates' "the unexamined life is not worth living for a man." As somebody who has come to proudly own the feminist label, I would add "...or a woman."

I'm a woman on a mission to question the dickens out of the status quo. My oldest son once asked, "how do you know you have dickens in you?" I don't have an answer to that, and don't see the need to make one up. I live to challenge myself to continually seek ways to live more sustainably and responsibly. This is a slow journey. Just as slow are my steps toward being a more creative mind, a healthier human, a more zen mama, a more loving wife, a more loyal friend, a more informed voter, a more responsible citizen, a more vibrant personality.

I have three young sons and an 80 year-old house with ancient plumbing, cracked plaster, and spider crickets. I struggle with anxiety, short-temperedness, and a hell of a sweet tooth. I'm always on the path to nonviolence but kindof hate it when people speak in an ooshy gooshy new agey way. I look and sound kinda Suzie-Q but have a chewy bitch center.

I sound stressed out. I like it that way. It's much more interesting than any alternative I've found.


music, gardening, creativity, margaret atwood, cooking, hiking, natural childbirth, photography, politics, feminism, neil gaiman, singing, fairy tales, breastfeeding, sustainability, idealism, and a host of other things..., mindful parenting